Guest Book for James B Kish

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Posted by: Debbie & Tim Lee
Mon December 10, 2018
Dave, Pat, and Rhonda, Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you, and the entire family.  We have many wonderful memories of all of the family functions, and especially of talking with Barry about cars, and checking out his cars.  We will remember him fondly.  With Our Love and Condolences, Tim & Debbie

Posted by: Charise Morgan
Mon December 10, 2018
How precious is your loyal love, O God! In the shadow of your wings, the sons of men take refuge.-Psalms 36:7.
Ms. Morgan

Posted by: Mr. and Mrs Robert Masterson
Tue December 11, 2018
We are so sorry for your loss. Our deepest sympathies.
Bobby & Tammy

Posted by: Robert Masterson
Tue December 11, 2018

SOFT AND SWEET MEMORIES STANDING SPRAY was sent by Kathi and Bob. Masterson .



Posted by: Williams Family
Wed December 12, 2018
Condolences to the Kish family.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to your whole family.  Psalms 147:3 says God, "heals the broken hearted, and binds up their wounds."  to May God bring you comfort and peace.

Posted by: David Kish
Thu December 13, 2018
My Dad was often times a man of few words, but the words he used were clear and meaningful. Like many Dads he had great advice for my sister and myself growing up; common sense things that you can only learn from your Dad … I remember him saying: “David, there are really only two important things you need in a car … Good tires and good breaks”.  Dad taught Rhonda and I the true meaning of “Grit”; not necessarily through the words that he used, but by his actions, believing that actions speak louder than words.

Like so many in the 40’s and early 50’s, my Dad had to overcome many difficulties growing up. My Dad told me the story of when he was four years old, the Military Police came to the door to let my grandma and him know that his Dad, Ernest, had died in World War II. He said, “That is not something that you ever forget”.

My grandma went to work after that and Dad went off to be raised mostly by my great grandparents. Dad gave me their name as my middle name to memorialize all that they meant to him

My love of music comes from my parents. Some of my most fond childhood memories were Dad’s record collection. I would leaf through all his albums and I still remember the day that my Dad introduced me to 78 RPM records … and yes … we had a player for them. The Christmas music that I listen to today is much of what we listened to as kids because it reminds me of how wonderful my Mom and Dad made Christmas for us. Even the year that the family cat, “Callie”, knocked over the Christmas Tree and Dad tied it to the ceiling to prevent it from falling again.

I swear that my Dad could fix or build anything. I don’t know if his seemingly natural ability to fix things came before or after becoming a master mechanic, but this ability gave me the confidence in life to take on challenges. When we moved into our Hillsborough house, Dad transformed, what I am sure was a fixer-upper, into an amazing home. Aside from basic maintenance and sprucing up inside and out, Dad refinished the hardwood floors himself, moved walls, installed something called an exhaust fan (some of you will have to Google what that looks like), built a fireplace and installed a chimney and so much more. In fact, someday if that Fireplace ever needs to be replaced, the owners will find my sisters and my name on a note in the framing … Dad had us put our names there saying that someday we’ll be remembered for that. When Linda and I bought our first house, it did not have a rear entry. I called Dad and asked if he thought it was possible to put one in. He showed up with a set of tools and we cut a hole in the back of the house and put in a door.

Mom and Dad worked a bunch when we were growing up, but somehow still seemed to find time to see all the silly stuff I did as a kid. I dragged my poor Mom & Dad to Coral Concerts, Band Concerts, School Plays … and God only knows how they dealt with the fact that I was in a loud Rock Band in High School. I asked Dad about that once, I said; “Dad, how on earth did you put up with all that noise?” He replied; “Well, I always knew where you were.” … of course, there was this one time when I trying to learn “Stairway to Heaven” in my room which shared a wall with Mom & Dad’s room … at about 1 or 2AM, he knocked firmly on my door and said; “David, it sounds great. Now go to bed!”

I am thankful, however that He and Mom came to so much stuff, I was probably a little spoiled by that. But it did pay off later as I got to share so many milestones for my own boys with him as did Rhonda with Richard and Stephanie. Dad was there for both Tim and Matt’s Eagle court of honors, and Dad helped both Tim and Stephanie buy their first cars. I remember that Dad called me one day during the time when he was collecting classic cars and said; “David, my first car was an Oldsmobile, your first car was an Oldsmobile, I’d like for my first grandson’s car to be an Oldsmobile and I’ve found the perfect one.” Tim still has that truck, although it is no longer his daily driver, but to honor Poppy he drove it here today.

I loved seeing how happy my Dad was when he was collecting cars, I used to ask him “What are you working on currently?” He would not only tell me what he was working on, but why it was significant in automotive history, or what it meant to him in his life … like when he bought a car just like the first car that Mom & Dad had after they were married. Yes, it was an Oldsmobile.

As I made phone calls to inform people of my father’s passing, the response was overwhelmingly this; “Your father was a great man”. Something I already knew.

I have done so much in my life because of the great example that my Dad set for me. You won’t see us lower the flags to half staff for him, we won’t have a rifle send off for him, but his positive impact on the community and his determination to push through adversity and obstacles will be seen forever in the people who were blessed to come in contact with him.